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Telecom Equipment

Telecom, or telecommunications, is a broad field of networking technology that makes modern communications possible. In corporate settings, telecom is most commonly associated with telephone networks. As the need for higher speed and better quality connections have increased in modern businesses, telecom equipment has advanced to meet these demands.

Generally speaking, every working telecom network has the following – terminals, nodes and channels. The terminals in a telecom network are any device found at the end of a telecom channel. They serve as the data input/output point for the network. This could be a telephone handset, fax machine or computer. In the case of a telephone system, the voice signal enters the network via a terminal, like a handset, and navigates through the network. When the signal reaches its intended terminal, a second handset, it leaves the system as an audible message. As the signal moves through the telecom network, one or more nodes direct the signal through the system to the appropriate terminal. A node may be a switch, router or a more specialized piece of equipment, depending upon the needs of the network.

The term “channel” refers to the method that transmits data between terminals. This can be a physical channel, like a cable, or a wireless signal. With most phone systems, the preferred channel is VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), where data is transmitted between terminals via a company’s broadband connection. VoIP telecom systems are more efficient and less expensive than their analogue counterparts, making VoIP the favored choice for most companies.

If your company has extra telecommunications systems taking up space, IT Liquidators will purchase your excess, giving you cash to reinvest into your company. Here are some of the major manufactures of telecom equipment that we purchase:

  • Avaya
  • Cisco
  • Inter-Tel
  • Nortel
  • ShoreTel
  • and more!

Find out how much your telecom equipment is worth!

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