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Liquidate Server Technology

Servers are at the core of any corporate IT infrastructure. They are the heart of every computer room and data center around the world, and run the key computing processes for virtually all companies worldwide. Because of their importance, server systems need to be extremely reliable. These valuable systems are built with fail-safes and redundant components – multiple hard drives and power supplies – to ensure a long, productive life.

Because they are built to last, servers hold their resale value very well, and the market for pre-owned servers is very strong. They can be refurbished easily, and given a new, useful life elsewhere. Though it may seem convenient to simply recycle excess servers, doing so wastes a great amount of value. Instead of paying a recycler to haul away your old systems, you can be paid fair value for your server technology.

We know how easy it is to recover money from surplus servers and server components. By reselling your surplus technology, you can recover some of your investment in that technology, rather than losing it by simply recycling. IT Liquidators has the expertise you need to get the most value from your excess server equipment. We will give you a check in full on the spot when we pick up your servers. In addition, we will transport your servers to our secure facility, and completely destroy all confidential data from the equipment. We are a nationwide buyer of used and retired servers, and experts in refurbishing and remarketing server technology. Though we focus on the top tier manufacturers, we will also purchase surplus servers from 2nd tier manufacturers as well. Here are just a few of the server manufacturers that we purchase:

  • Dell
  • HP
  • IBM
  • Oracle

Find out how much your servers are worth!

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