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Sell Your Excess Networking HardwareRouters are a key piece of networking hardware that are foundational to modern communications. In the simplest terms, routers are a computing device responsible for directing traffic from one network to another. A router reads the IP address of an incoming data packet, and forwards the packet to the appropriate location within the network. Routers forward data between any networked systems, from a small home network, to a sprawling corporate network. Routers also manage communications between internal and external networks, which makes access to the Internet possible. Because they play a crucial part in our highly connected society, routers can be found everywhere, from a home office to the largest ISP network.

Router themselves can vary in size depending on the required capability. Small business networks may require fairly simple routers to meet their demands. A large corporation, however, will require more powerful routers with greater functionality to manage the demands of an enterprise level network infrastructure. Depending on the extent of the network, different types of routers within the network can be deployed in different tiers to more effectively handle large amounts of traffic. A core router, for example, receives a high volume of traffic and distributes it to a number of individual edge routers. The core router acts as the “backbone” of the system. Edge routers then manage the smaller portion of traffic received from the core, routing it to the appropriate destination.

As networking hardware continues to advance, your company may be left with surplus routing equipment due to upgrades, consolidation, or converting to a new network system entirely. We have the experience and expertise to remarket your company’s surplus routers for the highest possible price in the marketplace. Let IT Liquidators manage the disposition of your excess telecom and networking routers. Here are the major router manufacturers we deal in:

  • Adtran
  • Cisco
  • Extreme Networks
  • F5
  • Foundry
  • HP
  • Juniper
  • Nortel
  • and more!

Find out how much your routers are worth!

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