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Data Center Racking SystemRacking keeps the technology used to run and manage today’s complex corporate infrastructures in order. They are used in all data centers, ISP facilities and corporate server rooms to organize the equipment needed to manage daily operations. Racks can store a variety of equipment, from telecom, networking, and cloud computing technology, to professional audio/visual equipment, to advanced industrial and scientific electronics.

Racking systems are modular in design. Equipment is stored and organized vertically within individual rackmount cases. Different pieces of equipment can be mounted, rearranged, switched out or removed entirely from each case, as needed. This storage solution makes racking systems very space efficient and convenient. A large amount of technology can be stored and organized in a relatively small area, while still being easily accessible for maintenance.

Within each rack, equipment can either be physically fastened to the rack itself, or supported by rails that can be installed inside the rack. With rails, it is possible to quickly place, move or remove different pieces of technology within the racking system. Because of this, rails make infrastructure management and maintenance much more efficient, especially for heavier components, like disk arrays.

Racking systems are an important part of daily operations for every data center and corporate server room. When your company has excess racking systems, finding a way to remove and dispose of that unwanted equipment can quickly become an unnecessary drain on company time and resources. Instead, let IT Liquidators help you get value from your surplus racking systems and computer cabinets. We will purchase your excess racking, clearing much needed space and improving the efficiency of your company’s IT storage solutions. We accept racks manufactured by:

  • APC
  • Chatsworth
  • Dell
  • Great Lakes Case & Cabinets
  • HP
  • IBM
  • Oracle
  • Wright Line
  • and more!

Find out how much your computer and telecom racks are worth today!

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