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PDUs – Liquidate Your Excess Data Center Equipment

PDUPower distribution units (PDUs) are one of the many important devices that keep data center or networking technology running smoothly. Similar to a household “power strip”, PDUs are responsible for reliably distributing power to multiple pieces of equipment. Unlike a household power strip however, PDUs typically route power to multiple pieces of crucial computing or networking equipment. As such, these devices play an important role in data center operations. As data center equipment requires a steady, uninterrupted supply of power to function, power distribution is crucial.

PDUs vary in size and capacity. A PDU can be a relatively simple rack-mounted power strip, designed to deliver power to a number of racked computers. These devices are the industrial cousins of a household power strip, but with greater capacity to manage the power requirements of data center technology. Within rack-mounted PDUs, there are a variety of styles. For example, some rack-mounted PDUs have the ability to meter the current power output, and some do not.

More complex PDUs are floor-mounted devices that handle the power distribution to a large number of devices. In data centers, for example, a handful of these floor-mounted PDUs can be responsible for transforming and feeding power to a large number of racks. Because of their role, these PDUs are built with components like transformers, circuit breakers, and occasionally monitoring technology, to make sure that the right amount of power is consistently distributed to right pieces of equipment.

If your company has excess racking or data center equipment, we can help you liquidate all your unwanted equipment, including your rack-mounted or floor-mounted PDUs. We are committed to providing a complete IT asset disposition solution, and to getting you the most value for your excess equipment. We purchase PDUs manufactured by brands such as:

  • APC
  • Dell
  • Tripp-Lite
  • and more!

Find out how much your PDUs are worth!

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