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Though the importance of power generators is largely unnoticed, these pieces of equipment are a necessary part of modern IT operations. Generators meet the considerable power requirements of the large data centers that run so many of today’s corporate data operations – cloud storage and software solutions, ERP and CRM systems, telecommunications, etc. Without the consistent power provided by generators, data centers could not operate as smoothly and reliably as they do today.

Generators produce power by converting fuel into electrical energy. The typical data center generator uses diesel, gasoline, or propane/natural gas to fuel power production. Some data centers require the same amount of energy as a small city, so generators play a crucial part in keeping these facilities operating properly. Generators are usually incorporated into the back-up power supplies of data centers operations to insure a steady flow of electricity if other systems should fail. Because generators are responsible for providing an uninterrupted source of power, they are durable, reliable, and long-lasting pieces of machinery.

A quality generator represents a significant investment. However, when a data center must move or close, many may feel forced to leave that investment behind because generators are difficult to transport. Or, when a company upgrades their data center power systems, they will be faced with the hassle of moving, storing, and disposing those excess generators. With our help, dealing with excess generators is easy. We’ll remove your excess data center generators, so you don’t have to. We will pay you for your unneeded diesel, gas, or propane generators, and you’ll be able to recover value from your initial investment. Here are a few generator manufacturers we specialize in remarketing:

  • Caterpiller
  • Cummins
  • Kohler
  • and more!

Find out how much your generators are worth!

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