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Desktop ComputersDesktop computers can be found in nearly every company in the modern world, from home offices to the tallest skyscrapers. They are the mainstay of business technology. Nearly every employee in today’s corporate setting will use a desktop computer for their day-to-day work, regardless of industry. Because of their various uses, desktops are known for being highly configurable and customizable for the kind of work needed to be done. They are designed to be easily modified, with replaceable or upgradable components. Many manufacturers build and configure personal computing equipment to the purchaser’s exact specifications, making it easy to get a machine that are built for your particular needs.

Because desktop computers are so essential to every business, they are always in demand. This demand drives desktop manufacturers to innovate and improve their products, advancing personal computing technology at faster and faster rates. Corporate enterprises can benefit from having the most up-to-date desktops. To stay on top of the perpetual updates and technological advances, it is often necessary to replace or update their personal computing equipment with newer technology. For this reason, many companies have refresh programs to keep up with the frequent changes, in which they replace their desktops in bulk every two to three years. As a result, most companies will find that they have no shortage of surplus desktop computers.

We will purchase your excess desktops so you can get your old equipment out of the way. When your company refreshes your corporate technology, we can partner with you to help you recoup value from all your recently replaced desktops computers. We are experts in remarketing and refurbishing desktop PCs, and accept a wide variety of personal computing equipment from manufacturers like:

  • Apple
  • Dell
  • HP
  • IBM
  • Lenovo
  • and more!

Find out how much your company’s desktops are worth!

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