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Data Center Equipment

Data Center TechnologyData centers are an essential part of modern information systems. Typical data centers manage the key business and operational data of many corporations. Though data centers have existed in one way or another as long as the computer industry itself, the contemporary usage of a “data center” came into being during the Internet boom of the late 90’s. With the astonishing commercial growth of the Internet, many companies developed a pressing need for fast, reliable internet connectivity to keep pace with growing demand. This led to the establishment of large scale data centers to reliably manage the operational requirements of these businesses. Over time, the technologies and practices developed by these data centers developed into the cloud data centers that manage so many of today’s corporate data operations.

Data center facilities require many different kinds of technology to run effectively: computer systems, servers, telecommunications equipment, networking gear, storage arrays, generators, environmental controls, fire suppression systems and security devices. Such facilities have a wide range of sizes, from a moderately large server room to an industrial complex on the scale of a small town. Because data centers are typically responsible for running the information systems of multiple corporations, it is crucial that they stay reliable and secure. These facilities typically have multiple layers of redundancy, like backup power generation systems and duplicate hardware. This ensures consistent operations despite a power failure or device malfunction.

When your company has surplus data center equipment, let us streamline the disposition of your unwanted technology. We liquidate a wide range of data center equipment – raised flooring, computer racks, UPS systems, and more – providing your company with an easy solution for removing unused and excess data center systems. We purchase equipment made by the following manufacturers:

  • Dell
  • EMC
  • HP
  • NetApp
  • and more!

Find out how much your data center equipment is worth!


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