Resell Before You Recycle!

Eliminate Corporate Liability

Secure IT asset recovery services
Protect Yourself and Your Company


We protect our corporate clients. With our managed IT asset recovery services, we provide you and your company with everything you need to guarantee the safe removal, recycling and re-marketing of your corporate IT assets.


Protect Your Brand


We know what liabilities are involved in corporate IT asset disposition, and how to keep you safe. Our DoD compliant data destruction and internationally certified ethical recycling protects you from the liabilities caused by unsafe and unethical recycling. With our help, your brand and your reputation will stay safe.

Eliminate these with out asset recovery services

Build Your Reputation


Become known as a green company by creating eco-friendly policies for your old technology. By creating policies that advocate the reuse of your old IT equipment, your company will decrease its carbon footprint and reduce its overall waste. With our help, you can build an environmentally sustainable business model, first through resale and reuse, and then through ethical recycling.


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More about the ways we protect your company:

One of the most important ways we keep you safe is our certified data destruction process. Our DoD compliant data eradication process that ensures all data is wiped clean. To safeguard your company further, we provide you with detailed reports and certificates of data destruction, transferring liability for your equipment from your company to us. At your request, we can also physically destroy hard drives, ensuring that they are no longer usable. Upon destruction, we provide you with certificates of hard drive destruction, documenting the manufacturer, model and serial number of the drive for your records.

Ethical Recycling

We partner with recycling companies who have been certified by R2 and E-Stewards, the two most accountable and internationally respected recycling certifying organizations. This keeps your company safe in two ways:

  • It guarantees that your old systems will stay in ethical hands, and will not be illegally shipped overseas.
  • It ensures that your nonremarketable equipment will be recycled in the most environmentally responsible way, protecting your company’s reputation as an environmental steward.

Our Commitment to Your Protection

We are committed to your security. To provide your company with the highest level of corporate protection, we carry a “Technologies Errors and Omissions” insurance policy, and will name your company as “additional insured” upon request. This gives you an additional layer of legal protection, further securing your company and your reputation.

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