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Certified Ethical Recycling

Green IT asset recycling
Recycle responsibly


Know that your non-remarketable technology has been ethically recycled. With our IT asset recycling services, your old equipment will be processed by recyclers who are regularly audited and certified by R2/SERI and e-Stewards, two of the most well-respected recycling certifying organizations in the industry.

Environmental Stewardship


We value and respect our environment. This is why we have a strict zero landfill policy. We handle recycled equipment in a way that preserves the health and safety of those working with the equipment, the general public, and the environment as a whole.

We issue certificates of recycling, giving you proof that your equipment was ethically recycled.

Certificate of IT asset recycling
Globally Green


Rest assured that your old technology will be ethically, legally and responsibly recycled. Our recycling standards comply with state, federal and international regulations. This prevents illegal e-waste exportation, and helps put an end to harmful and unregulated disposal practices.


Find out more about our commitment to building a greener and more sustainable future. Schedule a call to talk about how we can help your company become a better steward of your resources.

Data Destruction

Refurbish / Reuse

More about our commitment to environmental stewardship:

We go out of our way to use only recyclers who have been certified by internationally recognized recycling standards. According to R2 and e-Stewards, recyclers are held accountable for the items they process from the moment they receive the items, until the material is reintroduced into the manufacturing process. Because our certified recycling partners are held responsible for the downstream destination of the items they process, your nonremarketable equipment will be ethically and legally recycled according to a sustainable, closed-loop model. This means no landfill disposal, no illegal e-waste trade, and no hazardous disposal practices.

Advocates for Sustainability

As part of our commitment to building a greener future, we advocate the reuse of corporate IT equipment as a more sustainable alternative to recycling. Reuse is part of an environmental strategy called “source reduction.” By refurbishing and reusing technology, we reduce the need to manufacture new equipment from raw, natural resources. It requires less natural resources to refurbish than to manufacture from scratch, so reusing equipment has a significantly smaller impact on the environment. As an added benefit, reuse also help to slow down the production of e-waste by preventing functional equipment from being unnecessarily destroyed or recycled. Because of our commitment to sustainability, all systems we receive with remarketable value are securely wiped of data, refurbished and reused through resale or donation.

Global Awareness

E-waste is a growing, global problem. That’s why we do our part to promote the responsible disposal of e-waste on a global scale. R2 and e-Stewards certifying bodies require our recycling partners to ethically and legally dispose of old technology, not only according to state and federal law, but also international rules and regulations. These international policies are key in preventing the illegal export and import of excess technology and e-waste materials. By adhering to international recycling regulations, as well as the laws of individual countries overseas, our certified recycling policies work to eliminate the dangerous e-waste disposal methods encouraged by illegal trade.

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