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Solutions for Your IT Asset Retirement

From asset valuation, to pick up, to data destruction and recycling, we offer a complete solution to manage every aspect of your company’s IT asset retirement process.


We can help your company get the most value back from your excess corporate technology. We guarantee to offer you the highest purchase price in the marketplace, and offer complimentary valuation and transportation services. Don’t let your retired IT assets lose value while collecting dust in storage. Let us purchase that surplus equipment so you can reinvest the value back into your company.


We understand the risks that your company faces when it comes to IT asset retirement. We protect our corporate clients by providing the needed documentation to transfer liability for all assets we purchase from your company to us. We provide your company with certificates of data destruction and hard drive destruction, proving that all data has been securely and completely destroyed. For non-remarketable equipment, we provide certificates of recycling, documenting that all recycled assets have been disposed of safely according to local, federal, international and EPA regulations.



With our certified data destruction process, you can rest assured that your company’s data has been completely and securely destroyed. We use data destruction processes that meets or exceeds all major national and international regulatory and technical standards, including the U.S. Department of Defense, HIPAA and PCI, SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley), and the NSA.


We are committed to protecting the environment. We exclusively employ only internationally certified recyclers, ensuring that all non-remarketable equipment is safely and ethically recycled according to local, national and international laws and regulations. These certifications hold recyclers accountable for the chain of custody for all materials, from the beginning to the end of the recycling process, assuring that all e-waste materials are disposed of safely and properly.

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