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What’s the Difference between ITAD and ITAR?

Difference between ITAD and ITARITAD, short for IT asset disposition, is a term used to describe the management of a company’s retiring IT equipment. It encompasses the policies and procedures that must take place to responsibly and efficiently remove and dispose of surplus hardware. For most companies, an ITAD program is as simple as sending all retired technological assets to a recycler. In fact, all ITAD programs inevitably end with sending IT equipment to a 3rd party vendor for final processing. But responsible, well-considered ITAD is more complex than simply outsourcing to recycler. The smart approach to ITAD includes other considerations that ensure the responsible, secure and environmentally safe disposition of IT equipment.

ITAD Basics and Beyond

ITAD can be as simple as getting your old IT equipment out the door, but that simplistic approach doesn’t account for important considerations, like data security and environmental awareness. Because of this, the responsible approach to ITAD must account for the secure destruction of all data from your IT assets, as well as an environmentally safe method of disposition. Perhaps the most crucial decision to make when implementing a responsible ITAD program is finding the right vendor. A responsible, certified ITAD vendor can provide secure data destruction and certified recycling services, as well as managing the logistics of your IT disposition. The certified status of an established ITAD vendor will ensure that they will abide by a secure, ethical and responsible code of conduct. Partnering with a certified vendor can easily streamline your ITAD process.

What is ITAR?

ITAR, short for IT asset recovery, is a particular approach to ITAD. The key distinction that sets apart ITAR from ITAD is that IT asset recovery is a method of disposition that focuses on recouping the best financial return for your IT assets. The most streamlined way to transform an ITAD process into an ITAR process is to resell before recycling. Many pieces of equipment still have remarketable value when sent to a recycler in a typical ITAD process. With ITAR, this remarketable equipment can be resold, enabling your company to recover some of your initial IT investment. Again, the vendor that you partner with will make all the difference. There are many ITAD companies that specialize in IT asset recovery. The same methodology used to vet possible ITAD partners applies to ITAR companies as well. Make sure that your ITAR vendor can provide secure data destruction, as well as certified recycling services. Such a partner can manage your logistics, maintain compliance, and recycle responsibly, all while recovering funds for your company.

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