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What is IT Asset Recovery?

what is IT asset recovery?IT asset recovery can transform your end-of-life IT equipment from a cost center to a business enabler. But what is IT asset recovery? IT asset recovery goes hand-in-hand with IT asset disposition, or ITAD for short, but the two have different end goals.

How IT Asset Disposition can be a Cost Center

In the simplest terms, IT asset disposition is the process of disposing of your unwanted technology. The goal is to get the IT equipment out of your office and out of the way. But ITAD is a much more nuanced process than simply throwing out old equipment. To keep your company safe and mitigate liabilities, ITAD must include data destruction procedures. As a responsible steward of your resources, ITAD practices should also include the safe and ethical recycling of electronic equipment. The problem is the cost of properly dispositioning your old IT hardware can compound quickly. You may pay for data destruction services, for pickup and transportation, or for recycling services. In addition, you may pay extra for certified recycling or compliant data destruction to ensure your equipment has been safely and securely managed. But ITAD doesn’t have to cost you! In fact, with IT asset recovery, you get paid.

What is IT Asset Recovery, and How is It a Business Enabler?

IT asset recovery is, essentially, a specific method of accomplishing IT asset disposition. It completes the fundamental IT asset disposition goals – it gets your excess IT hardware out of your office and out of the way. However, in contrast, the ultimate goal of IT asset recovery is not just to get rid of the excess equipment. Instead, the goal is to recover the best value from your unwanted technology. This is what transforms the ITAD process from a cost center to a business enabler. IT asset recovery is the practice of recovering funds from your excess equipment. These funds off-set the expenses incurred by IT asset disposition, and the remaining funds can be reinvested in your infrastructure. Engaging with a company that specializes in IT asset recovery will streamline this process. An IT asset recovery company can eliminate your ITAD expenses, and optimize the return on your IT assets. Rather than incurring expenses through responsible, compliant ITAD services, your company monetize your end-of-life IT equipment, and put those funds to work for your company. Transform your ITAD with IT asset recovery. Contact us today to find out how!

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