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“Useful Life” – A key part of corporate stewardship

"Corporate Stewardship"“Corporate stewardship” is a popular buzz word in business settings. What company doesn’t want to be thought of as a corporate steward? The idea of corporate stewardship can be applied to many different company policies, including the use and disposal of technology. The key to being a corporate steward with your company’s technology is understanding the idea of “useful life.”

What is a corporate steward?

Corporate stewardship is the responsible use of your company’s resources. It is about creating systems and policies that not only meet today’s needs, but also tomorrow’s needs. “Today’s needs” can be thought of as improving your bottom line. A responsible corporate steward is one that is financially self-sufficient. But stewardship is about more than building a stronger company. It is also about using that strength to build your community and create a better future.

“Useful life” – technology and corporate stewardship

Useful Life in Corporate Stewardship

One of the keys of corporate stewardship is understanding the “useful life” of your technology. In a business setting, the useful life of a piece of technology is the period of time that item performs its expected task. The typical useful life of a corporate IT asset begins with procurement and installation, and ends with retirement (also called the “end of life” of the asset). But in the larger scheme, the useful life of any given IT asset may actually be longer than the useful life of that technology at your company. Your company may no longer need a piece of technology, but that item may still have a useful life in your community. In terms of corporate stewardship, the “useful life” of IT equipment should be thought of in light of what that equipment can do beyond the walls of your organization. Technology, when refurbished and reused, can have a long and productive existence far beyond its “useful life” at your company. Reused technology, either through resale or donation, boosts the strength of your community, helps those less fortunate, and establishes a better future.

To be a corporate steward with your technology, rethink the lifespan of your IT assets. Instead of recycling your old equipment, try investing in your community through resale or donation. Partnering with an IT asset recovery company can make this process simple and hassle-free. With data destruction and refurbishment services, a reputable IT asset recovery company will ensure that your old technology is put to good use shaping the future of your community.

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