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Thinking of Upgrading Your Employees to the New iPhone 6? Consider This…

iPhone 6 and Excess Technology

With every release of a new gadget from Apple comes a wave of consumer confusion as to whether or not they should upgrade to the new tech, no matter how new their current device is, or simply stick with what they have.

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus release has been no exception, with pre-orders doubling that of the previous iPhone 5 model. D-day (delivery day) for those who are hesitant to hop aboard the early-adopter train, is set for September 19th at 8:00 a.m. This is when Apple will release its new phones for sale in its retail stores, and those who pre-ordered will be receiving their new phones.

Business owners, C-level executives, and IT managers similarly are struggling with the decision to upgrade their employees’ phones from previous generations to the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus to gain a competitive advantage.

However, phones probably aren’t the only thing that could use an upgrade around the office. Upgrading IT equipment and/or excess technology could also be in your company’s cards, and, like trading in your old smartphones, there are easy ways of doing it that can lead to money back in your IT company’s budget.

Be Smart About Upgrading to Minimize Costs and Increase Affordability

Only 20% of People Sell or Trade-In Their Old SmartphonesAccording to Business Insider, less than 20% of consumers who upgrade their smartphones sell or trade in their old phone. Depending on how often you upgrade, that is a ton of money left on the table rather than put back in your budget.

How much money exactly? On average, the iPhone 5c goes for $225, while the 5s gets $330 on the resale market. This means that you could be getting the new iPhone 6 for your employees basically for free with a trade in, and could even make money on the hardware side if your old phones are in good condition. Companies like Gazelle, Maxback, and iCracked will give you instant price quotes for your phone. You could also go directly through AT&T or Apple and get credit back towards your iPhone 6 purchase.

This same practice of recuperating investments can be applied to excess IT equipment and other technologies sitting in your company’s storage facilities. Rather than simply paying a recycler $.20/lb to come pick up your retired IT assets, consider reevaluating your equipment and getting a free quote to see how much your equipment is worth. You’d be surprised what kinds of equipment companies like IT Liquidators or others are willing to buy (see the full list here) and how secure and easy the whole process of acquiring your equipment is.

From iPhones to IT Equipment, Reselling Now Will Help You Get the Most Money for Your Company

If you have decided to take the resell route (golf clap), then you are going to want to take action as soon as possible to ensure you are getting the most for your used technology.

TIME states that the resale value of iPhones decreases 11% just 2 weeks after a new product is introduced into the market, and an additional 10% after 7 weeks. Luckily since the new iPhone 6 is coming out this Friday (relative to when this article was posted), you still have time to sell before your old phone loses significant value!

On the other hand, your company’s IT equipment loses approximately 3-5% of its value each month. To put this into perspective, a $1,000 piece of equipment can lose as much as $220 of its value in 6 months, or $390 after 1 year.

So, whether you are reselling your old iPhone or your company’s excess IT and telecom equipment, our advice is to sell now so you can maximize the amount of money put back in your budget while simultaneously outfitting your business and employees with the hottest pieces of technology!

If you have excess IT equipment and/or technology, submit a free valuation form through IT Liquidators to find out how much it’s worth! 

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