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Share the Love: Reusing IT Equipment to Help Others

Reusing IT Equipment to Help OthersYou might not realize it, but your company’s old IT equipment gives you a unique corporate opportunity. With a typical disposition policy, the old electronics would be disposed or recycled. But your company’s excess IT equipment gives you the chance to share a little love with others. Rather than disposing or even recycling unwanted technology, reusing or donating that same equipment creates environmental, social and economic benefits that help your community, as well as your company.

Caring for the Environment

Reuse is the best possible IT disposition policy for any environmentally aware company. It’s a key part of a waste management strategy called “source reduction.” The basic principle is that by reusing items you reduce the amount of new items that must be manufactured. By reducing newly manufactured items, you also reduce the amount of natural resources and energy used to make those items. Reusing IT equipment also diverts those old electronics from ending up in a landfill, reducing technological waste and pollution. According to the EPA, source reduction and reuse is the most environmentally friendly way to handle unwanted items, even better than recycling. By reusing IT equipment, you can be a more effective steward of the environment.

Caring for the Community

Reusing equipment is not only an excellent way to care for the environment; reuse also makes a positive impact on your community. The electronics that you no longer want or need can be used by others, creating social and economic benefits for those who receive the used equipment. Many charitable organizations accept donations in the form of goods or materials. You can donate your old technology to help these nonprofits continue their work. To make the most of your donation, you can get the help of a refurbishing facility, like an IT asset recovery company, who can clean, test and upgrade the equipment. Once the equipment has been refurbished, your nonprofit of choice will be able to use that technology to its fullest extent.

Another way to reuse old technology is to resell it. IT asset recovery companies specialize in purchasing and refurbishing equipment for reuse. These companies fix and update used IT equipment, enabling it to have a long, useful life in the hands of someone who needs it. Affordable, refurbished equipment is perfect for start-ups or growing businesses, who must make the most of their limited budgets. Because of this, refurbished IT equipment can foster a healthy economic environment in the community at large. A healthier economy builds a better future for everyone.

Reusing IT Equipment – a Win-Win

By incorporating reuse into your company’s IT disposition policy, you not only help to build a better future for others, but also for your own company. By reusing, you can build a reputation as a green, environmentally responsible company. By donating your excess equipment, you’ll gain the respect and trust of your local community. By reselling your old equipment, you’ll be able to be a better steward of your resources, build a stronger company and know that your equipment will benefit others. So this Valentine’s Day, create a reuse strategy for your excess IT equipment and share a little love.

If you want to implement a world-class reuse strategy as a part of your company’s IT asset recovery practices, we can help. Set up a free consultation today to get started.


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