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Reuse vs Recycling: Which is Better? (Infographic)

Both reuse and recycling are beneficial to our planet when it comes to technology disposal, but which one is better? We assume recycling is better because the word itself has such a positive connotation in our culture. However, as the infographic below demonstrates, recycling isn’t always the best option for our planet. It also may be making our wallets lighter!

Reuse vs Recycling Infographic:


Reuse vs Recycling: Why Reuse is the Better Choice

Ultimately our message is this: resell before you recycle! The results of reuse vs recycling are conclusively in favor of reuse. Reuse of 100 computers saves enough energy to:

  • power 68 houses for a year,
  • reduce enough greenhouse gasses to be the equivalent of removing 48 passenger cars from the road per year,
  • reduce air emissions by 3,183 metric tons per year (3,508.7 U.S. tons)
  • reduce water emissions by 6.66 metric tons per year (7.43 U.S. tons)
  • and generate replacement cost savings of $66,801 per year!

If you have old or excess IT assets or technology, get a free asset valuation before recycling to see how much your equipment is worth!


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