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How and Where to Recycle Electronics for Cash

printers-344016_640Whether you are a business or an individual, finding a place for your old or excess electronics or IT assets can be seemingly difficult. However, we have just the right advice for someone looking to recycle electronics for cash. In fact, our solution goes beyond recycling and introduces the possibility of remarketing your technology. By remarketing we mean reselling your equipment and giving another company the opportunity of purchasing refurbished technology at a lower price than brand new technology. Here’s how you can easily play your part in asset recovery, putting cash in your pocket and contributing to a sustainable model of reuse.

What “Recycle Electronics for Cash” Actually Means

IT recycling and e-waste recycling are commonly thought of as the only means for disposing old or excess technology. While this practice is recommended over simply dumping the technology in a landfill (which is illegal in most states), there is another method that supersedes recycling in terms of taking a green initiative and exhibiting corporate stewardship. This method goes by the following names: asset recovery, asset remarketing, or asset liquidation.

These three terms all fall under the umbrella of investment recovery, which simply means getting money back for your old or excess technology. It is probably what you had in mind when you were looking to recycle electronics for cash. This differs from technology recycling or IT recycling in that recycling often costs money, usually around $.20 per pound, and does not extend the useful life of an asset. So, before you resort to recycling, take the following steps below to resell your old technology and IT assets.

Step 1: Take Inventory of Your Assets

The first thing to do when preparing to get cash back for your technology is to take inventory of everything you wish to sell. This should include documenting the quantity, manufacturer, part number, model number, a brief description, and condition of the asset(s).

If you are planning on selling desktops or servers, it is also recommended that you write down configuration details like the type of processor, RAM, and hard drives found in each machine. If it is a Dell machine, simply writing down the Dell Service Tag should suffice for configuration information. Companies like IT Liquidators offer templates for you to record this information, making it easier to collect and archive the data.

Step 2: Submit IT Asset or Technology Information to an Asset Recovery Solutions Company

After you have captured details on the inventory you wish to sell, submit the list of equipment to an asset recovery solutions company like IT Liquidators to have your equipment valuated for free. Do not use a company that charges to have your assets valuated! Finding out how much your equipment is worth should be a free process. You should receive a response within a few days from a valuation expert who tells you which equipment still has value and how much they are willing to give you for that equipment.

Step 3: Accept or Decline Offer

After receiving an offer, it is entirely up to you or your company as to whether or not you want to sell your equipment. If you choose to accept the offer, you will be given cash for your old or excess technology. If the company is within your area, they should offer to pick the equipment up from your location for free. This provides you with a hassle-free solution for getting the equipment out of the way and money back in your budget.

By putting refurbished equipment on the market, you are allowing companies that cannot afford to purchase brand new equipment the ability to purchase quality discounted items. You are also keeping e-waste out of landfills by extending the useful life of your old technology.

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