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Playing Hide and Seek with Your IT Equipment

Playing Hide and Seek in the IT DepartmentEvery IT department has surplus equipment. Corporate technology must be kept up-to-date, so IT equipment must be regularly upgraded or replaced with newer, more efficient systems. The IT department keeps tabs on when and how each item is deployed, but in this process, certain pieces of IT equipment have the habit of getting lost. Why does this happen? The answer is simple.

How IT Assets are Able to Hide

Any well-functioning IT department will take measures to document and track IT assets as they are acquired, deployed and retired. This can be accomplished with a number of different solutions: IT asset management (ITAM) software, a physical inventory database, or even a system of detailed spreadsheets. But each of these solutions shares something in common that can cause the data to be inaccurate: the user. Whether due to lack of time, lack of discipline, or a simple oversight, the person using the tracking system may not update the status of equipment, causing the database to be quickly outdated or inaccurate. This inaccuracy can cause IT assets to go unaccounted for, and to be “lost.”

Finding Your Hidden IT Assets

With IT assets unaccounted for, it is necessary to perform routine audits to find those hiding assets. This periodic auditing process is called “inventory discovery” by IT asset management professionals. Inventory discovery accomplishes several things for your company. First, it reconciles your actual IT asset inventory with your IT asset tracking solution. Second, it uncovers a pool of unused resources for your IT department. These idle assets can be redeployed in a useful way, improving the performance of your company’s infrastructure. However, the IT assets that go unnoticed are usually surplus to your infrastructure’s needs. This is why they can go unnoticed for so long; they simply aren’t needed, so no one went looking for them. Even though these pieces of equipment are no longer needed, they still represent a resource for your department. With the help of an IT asset recovery company, you can recoup value from the surplus equipment, and use the recovered capital to reinvest in your company’s infrastructure.

Routine inventory discovery is an excellent practice for any IT department wishing to improve their operations. This process is even more beneficial when partnered with an IT asset recovery company. Not only will you be able to regularly identify and remove unnecessary equipment, but you’ll be able to regularly recover capital from those assets. This simple, two-pronged strategy is a great way to improve the efficiency of your IT department.

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