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The New (Millennial) Way to Recycle Your Old Technology

Millennial Laptop UserCloud computing, the Internet of Things, and interconnectivity are just three of the “23 Technologies of 2022” outlined by the IEEE CS 2022 Report, but they are perhaps the most crucial technologies supporting the future of mobile business.  With cloud computing, data and computing power can be stored offsite. The Internet of Things provides instant performance feedback from inanimate objects remotely, streamlining diagnostics and troubleshooting. Interconnectivity keeps everyone and everything connected through the Internet, Wi-Fi, and mobile devices, while mobilizing transactions.

The rapid evolution of mobile capabilities along with an increased competitiveness within industries to have the most advanced mobile business technology has shortened device lifecycles and changed what devices we buy. This rapid turnover leaves people stuck with their old devices after they have upgraded and clueless as to how and where to recycle or sell their old technology.

Out With the Old, In with the Tablets

An increased usage of mobile devices is causing an increased presence of older devices (i.e. desktops, laptops, and previous generation smartphones) to end up in landfills or recycling facilities. According to TabTimes, tablet production is projected to increase by 25% for 2014, and that is obviously a result of increased consumer and enterprise demand. By 2017, direct tablet purchases by enterprises are expected to raise from 11% in 2012 to 18% in 2017. Mobile device sales have increased nine-fold from 1997 to 2009 according to a 2011 report from the EPA.

92% of Old Smartphones are Being Thrown in the Trash

This same report states that 29.4 million computer units (laptops and desktops) are disposed of directly into landfills, while 18 million are collected for recycling. On the other hand, 129 million mobile devices are disposed of with only 11.7 being collected for recycling. This means that the recycling rates are 38% for computers and a mere 8% for mobile devices. The problem is that neither recycling nor trashing your unwanted electronics is a sustainable solution for our planet or your budget.

The new way to recycle? Sell your working items to a trusted asset recovery or remarketing company and get cash to put back in your budget.

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The New Generation of Recycling

One of the reasons people may decide to sidestep the law and trash their old equipment is because they don’t want to have to deal with calling a recycler and paying them to scrap the old tech. For one, recyclers charge by the pound to haul everything away. Additionally, they do not guarantee the security of your data, putting sensitive company information at risk.

However, calling an IT Asset Recovery company before calling a recycler can ensure you get value back for your working technology rather than paying to get rid of it, and they will also destroy your data and provide you with a data destruction certificate.  After all of the data has been wiped from the device, it is then resold to someone else in need of technology at a more affordable price, or it can be donated to those organizations in need throughout your community.

Selling your old or excess technology is the new sustainable way to recycle. It saves energy, earns returns, keeps hazardous e-waste out of landfills, and has community and social benefits.

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