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The Millennial ITAD Solution

Millennial ITAD SolutionAs more and more Millennials join the workplace, corporate culture is changing. One of the characteristic traits of the Millennial generation is a drive to positively impact the community. It is not unusual to find 20-somethings advocating policies in the workplace that help local organizations, or create awareness of global or social issues. This is one of the generation’s strengths. Every part of company procedures can be touched by the Millennial generation’s passion for effecting positive change in society. The management of end-of-life technology – IT asset disposition (or ITAD) – is no exception. To implement an ITAD solution that reflects Millennial sensibilities, you must think about more than just getting the IT equipment out of your office.

An Environmentally and Socially Aware ITAD Solution

Recycling is an environmentally friendly way to dispose of your old technology, but Millennials expect more. Not only should your IT asset disposition procedures benefit the environment, they should also benefit society. Fortunately, implementing globally aware, people-friendly recycling policies are as simple as partnering with a vendor who provides certified recycling services. R2 and e-Stewards are the two most established and well-respected recycling certifying bodies in the industry. Their standards hold recycling companies to strict protocols that both protect the environment from wanton pollution, and people all over the world from unethical treatment and hazardous conditions. When implementing a socially and environmentally conscious ITAD solution, it is crucial to use only certified recycling services.

A Millennial ITAD Solution is More than just Recycling

Responsible IT asset disposition should be more than just recycling. This touches on another key issue that Millennials care deeply about: sustainability. Building a sustainable society requires the smart use and reuse of resources to prevent the unnecessary depletion of our world’s natural resources. Sustainable practices can be easily incorporated in an ITAD solution. Before recycling, old IT equipment can be reused, either in house or elsewhere, with the right refurbishment and data destruction techniques. Better still, old IT equipment can be reused in a way that benefits society. Your company’s old equipment can be securely wiped of data, refurbished, and given a new productive life in the hands of those who are working to build up the local community. This can include nonprofit organizations, growing businesses, schools, etc. Reuse is a more sustainable model than recycling, and is an important procedure to consider when establishing a socially and environmentally responsible ITAD solution for your company.

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