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A local “recycler’s” illegal e-waste exportation

Not long ago, we wrote about the scary news of a Denver recycler who abandoned hundreds of tons of e-waste. Another story has come to light of an unethical recycler, this time running an illegal e-waste exportation scheme from the heart of Colorado.

The news: recyclers sentenced and fined for illegal e-waste exportation

Recycling Legal ActionsExecutive Recycling has been fined $4.5 million for illegally exporting e-waste materials. Brandon Richter, CEO, and Tor Olson, former VP of Operations, have been sentenced to 30 months and 14 months in prison respectively, and ordered to personally pay nearly $100,000 in additional fines.

Over the span of three years, Executive Recycling exported e-waste materials on 300 separate occasions, more than half of which included leaded glass. The company falsely claimed that the electronic equipment they received would be recycled. Instead, the equipment was packed into shipping cargo containers to be illegally exported overseas. They have been convicted of defrauding the public, private businesses and government agencies.

What this means for you

This is yet another cautionary tale of why it is so important to use
certified, ethical recycling services. There are an untold number of liabilities at risk if the recycler you use behaves unethically. Many recyclers may claim to use “green” practices, but without the proper oversight, there is nothing to prevent these recyclers from taking advantage of their customers’ good intentions. In the hands of an unethical recycler, your technology can be illegally exported. Worse, an unethical recycler will not bother to securely destroy the data stored on your old equipment.

Example Recycling Certificate
Instead of taking this risk, use a recycling service that goes out of their way to protect your company. Reputable recyclers and IT asset recovery companies can offer their customers “certificates of recycling.” This document details what items have been recycled and when, giving your company the information you need to know how your recycled items have been handled. Furthermore, trustworthy recyclers and IT asset recovery companies will provide “certificates of data destruction”, specifying that your data has been securely destroyed. Keep yourself safe from being involved in unethical recycling, and make sure you know what’s happening to your old equipment.

Find out how IT Liquidators keeps your company safe with certified ethical recycling.

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