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Lean Recycling: The Better Strategy to Manage Surplus Computer Equipment

The Lean IT Lifecycle

Resell surplus computers to put cash back into your budget as part of a lean strategy.

A lot has been said about adopting lean strategies in different areas of business. This is because lean principles can be applied to almost any business practice. The basic philosophy of a lean strategy is this: eliminate wasteful practices and increase value producing practices. By eliminating wastefulness and increasing value production, your company can cut margins and operate as a lean, mean revenue-generating machine. In the computer recycling industry, we see this kind of lean operating in action all the time. Any company can quickly implement lean policies for their IT recycling with a simple switch from standard recycling to IT asset recovery.

Eliminate Wastefulness

When your company has surplus computer equipment, you can send it to a recycler. But this practice can waste company resources that could have been recovered by other means. Often times, when a company recycles their surplus computer equipment, the items still have remarketable value. But instead of recovering that value, the goal is simply to get the equipment out of the office and out of the way. Recycling companies typically charge 20 cents per pound to haul away and recycle that computer equipment. This means that many companies pay to have their valuable equipment removed. But by shifting the paradigm from hiring a recycler to partnering with an IT asset recovery company, you can recoup some of your initial IT investment, and eliminate the waste of company resources.

Increase Value Production

In the case of IT asset recovery, eliminating wastefulness and increasing value production go hand-in-hand. Rather than recycling IT assets that still have value, IT asset recovery enables your company to recover value from your surplus computer equipment. In other words, IT asset recovery creates a new revenue stream for your company. These funds can be put to immediate use in your infrastructure, creating new options for growth and strengthening your company’s profit generating ventures. With the two-fold approach of eliminating waste and increasing value production, IT asset recovery is a lean, mean strategy for managing your company’s surplus computer equipment.

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