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Six Reasons to Resell before Recycling

Six Reasons to Resell Your Old IT Equipment Cover

Recycling is often thought of as the easiest and greenest option for managing end of life IT assets. However, there is a new, better method for managing your end of life IT assets: reselling before recycling. Just as you would resell an old automobile before you would send it to be scrapped, reselling your old IT equipment lets you recover value from your IT assets, as well as giving that technology a new life elsewhere. Not only is it better for your company’s bottom line, it’s more environmentally friendly.”

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We’ve just put together a new guide: “Six Reasons to Resell Your Old IT Equipment before You Recycle.” In this free download, you’ll learn useful information about the recycling industry, so you can make more knowledgeable decisions about what to do with your company’s excess technology. We’ll walk you through six great reasons why a simple switch from recycling to reselling can produce immediate benefits for a company of any size.

Download our free guide: “Six Reasons to Resell Your Old IT Equipment before You Recycle”


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