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Data Center Liquidation – The Best Approach

Data Center LiquidationThere are many things a data center manager has to consider when opening a new data center or redesigning an existing one. From how to properly construct and design the room, to outfitting the room with the best equipment at the best price, to ensuring the data center is as green as possible to reduce overhead and minimalize the impact to the environment. The scope of the project can become quite large and require some serious thinking. However, one thing that should never be overlooked when upgrading your data center (or perhaps even closing it down) is data center liquidation. By this we mean getting cash back for your old data center equipment that you’ll no longer need once the new tech arrives. If you’re not sure how to get the most back for your old IT equipment when performing data center liquidation, you’ve come to the right place.

Companies moving to a new space or redesigning an existing space often have 3 types of equipment in the equation: old IT assets that will be kept to use in the new data center, new IT assets that have or will be purchased for use in the new data center, and old IT assets that need to be disposed of as they will no longer be used by the company. The first two items mentioned can be placed in temporary storage and eventually moved to the new data center. However, what should you do with the old assets being retired?

Rather than waiting until the end of your project to get rid of these unwanted IT assets, we recommend addressing this issue first and foremost. Why, you ask? On average, your old data center equipment loses 3 to 5% of its value each month. It is also costly to keep this equipment in temporary storage because they take up space that your new equipment could be utilizing while you wait for your new data center to be ready.

Instead of letting these items eat up chunks of your budget, contact an IT asset disposition or data center liquidation company (a company like IT Liquidators will get the job done) and get a valuation of your equipment. This will allow you to know exactly how much money you can recover from your IT assets and rework those dollars back into your budget. Should you chose to accept the offer, the data center liquidation company should provide free pick of your equipment (depending on your location in reference to theirs). This gets your old technology out of the way so that you’ll have more room to move other equipment around or store incoming equipment.

The process of data center liquidation should be a straightforward, cost effective, and a timely solution if you find the right company to work with. It should also include certified data destruction to make sure your sensitive data is protected after it leaves your facility. In the case of some or all of your equipment having no value, the IT asset disposition company should be able to take care of your recycling items for you free of charge. In the end, you’ll find that you’ve recovered value from your old IT equipment and also reduced your footprint on the environment through reintroduction of equipment into the community through resale or donation.

Get a free valuation of your data center equipment from IT Liquidators here.

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