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What to Do with Your Company’s Used IT Hardware

used it hardware 2You have an IT department to run. Your time is best spent maintaining and supporting a smoothly operating IT infrastructure. The hardware you manage represents a significant investment by your company, and so you must be able to maintain the infrastructure in the most cost-effective and efficient way. When some of your IT equipment must be decommissioned, it will become your responsibility to get rid of that hardware. More so, you will be expected to dispose of that equipment in a way that mitigates expenses, or even generates return. But optimizing that process for the best return is an inefficient distraction from your primary responsibilities. So, when your company has used IT hardware to manage, what’s your best option?

What Can You Do with Your Company’s Used IT Hardware?

Your company’s used IT hardware still has value, but finding a way to recover that value can be a complicated process. Recycling the equipment is often seen as the easiest way to get rid of excess technology, but it is an incredibly inefficient way to recover funds. Most recycling companies charge an average of 20 cents per pound to recycle your equipment. The recycling industry has small margins. Because of the narrow margins, it is difficult to negotiate better rates, and the possible gain is measured in cents rather than dollars. Depending upon the equipment, better rates may be gained by sorting the equipment into lots by type or material. But by doing so, you are stepping into an arena of competitive bids, perpetual negotiation, and managing multiple recycling vendors. This is a specialized area of business all on its own, and one that you don’t have time to engage in while maintaining and supporting your own infrastructure.

What about selling the hardware? As I’ve written before, reselling your equipment on your own is a bad idea. Much like recycling, reselling your equipment involves a number of additional processes to optimize the return. Among many others, these include testing, refurbishing, listing, and shipping the equipment, as well as providing support for “customers” and managing buyer disputes. Reselling the used IT hardware on behalf of your company is essentially its own business venture. You will have to choose between supporting your company’s infrastructure, and trying to squeeze a little revenue out of your hardware.

Why It Shouldn’t Be Your Responsibility

In both cases, the time it takes to drum up a better deal when recycling or reselling your company’s used IT hardware is not worth your time. Your expertise is managing and supporting your company’s IT infrastructure, and you can most effectively help your company be profitable by leveraging your expertise. In the same way, rather than branching out into an unknown, specialized realm of business, leverage the expertise of those who already engage in the business of reselling and recycling, like an IT asset recovery company. A partnership with an IT asset recovery company enables your company to recover an optimized return on your used IT hardware without expending company time and resources. More importantly, it frees up your time so you can continue to maintain a productive, streamlined IT infrastructure.

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