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IT Asset Recovery and the Triple Bottom Line, Pt. 2

Sustainability through IT asset recoveryTo build a sustainable future, businesses must lead the way and make decisions that account for more than just the traditional bottom line – profit. The triple bottom line is a framework that includes social and environmental concerns, as well as profit, as the deciding factors for business decisions. When it comes to your company’s technology, IT asset recovery is a strategy that addresses each of the three concerns in the triple bottom line: people, planet and profit. Yesterday, I talked about how IT asset recovery helps people, both globally and in your community. Today, I’ll share with you how IT asset recovery helps the planet, as well as your profits.

How IT Asset Recovery Helps the Planet

IT asset recovery is a sustainable solution because it is built on a model of refurbishment and reuse. The same refurbish and reuse strategy that prevents unethical treatment of people also prevents the pollution of the environment. IT equipment contains a number of potentially hazardous materials, like chemical compounds and heavy metals. These materials, when processed improperly or in unregulated conditions, release these hazardous compounds into the environment, contaminating the soil and water supply. Many of these pollutants do not biodegrade, but accumulate over time and cause long-term problems for the local environment and the people living nearby.

In the same way that IT asset recovery helps people, it also helps the planet. Refurbishing and reusing technology prevents otherwise functional equipment from being discarded. This slows down the production of e-waste, and diverts it from being disposed in unregulated, dangerous ways. But IT asset recovery also benefits the planet in another way; it reduces the toll taken on our natural resources. Refurbishing technology reintroduces high-quality equipment back into the marketplace, reducing the need for brand-new equipment. As fewer pieces of equipment are manufactured from scratch, fewer resources are used in manufacturing. IT asset recovery helps to slow the depletion of raw, natural resources.

How IT Asset Recovery Generates Profit

IT asset recovery accounts for both social and environmental concerns, but it is also creates a unique opportunity to improve profitability. IT asset recovery transforms your decommissioned technology into a new revenue stream. It’s simple: an IT asset recovery partner purchases your excess technology, making funds immediately available to your company. As raw revenue, this money directly boosts your company’s profits. Also, as free capital, the funds generated through IT asset recovery can be strategically reinvested to help further improve your company’s profitable ventures.

As the issue of sustainability continues to develop as a priority in the corporate world, more companies will be looking for ways to implement sustainable processes that account for the triple bottom line. The sustainable way to manage old technology should address the ethical treatment of people, the environmentally safe disposal of e-waste, and cost-effective disposal methods. This is where IT asset recovery shines. Not only does it address these key social and environmental concerns, but it also boosts company profitability. IT asset recovery is the best, most sustainable practice for your company and the triple bottom line.

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