Resell Before You Recycle!

IT Asset Management has changed forever!

IT Asset Management (or ITAM) is the management of hardware assets throughout their life-cycle. The life-cycle of a piece of IT equipment begins with procurement, continues through its useful life, and ends with IT asset disposition.

The Old Way:

Old IT Asset Disposition

In the old ITAM life-cycle, technology is recycled when it reaches the end-of-life. But by sending your IT equipment straight to a recycler, you risk giving away technology that still has value. Worse yet, you risk giving your excess technology to a recycler who won’t protect your company from liability.

What are the risks?

  • Your data is at risk. Uncertified recyclers are not required to remove or destroy data from your old technology.
  • Your company is at risk. 65% of “recycled” systems are shipped overseas. Your IT equipment could be among them.
  • Our environment is at risk. Simply recycling IT equipment does not guarantee that your old technology has been safely, ethically or legally disposed according to laws and regulations.
  • Global sustainability is at risk. Discarding and recycling old technology generates over 6,000,000 tons of electronic scrap each year worldwide, and up to 15,000,000 tons in the next 15 years.

The New Way with IT Liquidators


The New IT Asset Disposition Method

With Asset Management 2.0, you can reclaim value from your decommissioned technology, and eliminate the potential of corporate liability. This is a more complete, and safer way to manage you IT asset disposition, and IT Liquidators makes it easy! We will purchase your excess IT equipment, and take care of all your company’s IT asset disposition needs.

  • We guarantee the complete and secure destruction of data from your decommissioned IT equipment.
  • We only use recyclers who are internationally certified by R2/SERI or e-Stewards to handle recycled materials safely, legally and ethically according to EPA standards.
  • We facilitate the reuse of technology, reducing the generated amount of electronic scrap, and encouraging the responsible stewardship of our natural resources through resale or donation.


Find out how IT Liquidators can manage your company’s IT asset disposition.

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