Resell Before You Recycle!

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"6 Reasons to Resell Your Old IT Equipment before You Recycle"

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Step-by-step logistics

Managed IT Asset Disposition Services from Beginning to End

What if you could get rid of your end-of-life technology without lifting a finger? With our complete set of services, we’ll take care of your company’s needs, from beginning to end.

bigger-step-1Value Recovery

On-site LogisticsStep-2

Step 1: Value Recovery | IT Disposition Services Right Arrow Large Step 2: On-site Logistics | IT Disposition Services

Our IT asset recovery experts will value your excess technology, free of charge, and make an offer to purchase your corporate electronics.

We will manage the pick-up, packaging, and transportation of your technology to our secure refurbishment facility.

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step-4Data Destruction

Secure Facilitystep-3

Step 3: Data Destruction | IT Disposition Services Left Arrow Large Step 4: Secure Facility | IT Disposition Services

Through erasure, degaussing, or physical destruction, we securely sanitize your old hard drives to Department of Defense standards.

With our proprietary tracking software and chain-of-custody protocols, we keep all technology securely stored and accounted for.

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step-5Ethical Recycling


Step 5: Certified Recycling | IT Disposition Services Step 6: Refurbish / Resell | IT Disposition Services

All non-remarketable technology is recycled according to local, state, federal and international regulations by certified recyclers.

Each piece of remarketable technology goes through a comprehensive refurbishment process to make it ready for it’s new, useful life.

With our comprehensive set of IT disposition services, implementing a world-class IT asset recovery strategy has never been easier. Fully outsource every detail of your company’s IT asset disposition with us, and let us manage your end-of-life technology.

Schedule a complimentary consultation with our IT disposition experts to talk about your particular needs.

Resell before you recycle!

At IT Liquidators, our mission is to provide your company with an IT asset disposition solution that is more sustainable, greener and more charitable than simply recycling.


Your old equipment still has a useful life. Before you recycle your decommissioned technology, give that equipment a new life by reselling or donating it through IT Liquidators. Refurbished technology uses less resources to recirculate than new equipment, and encourages responsible and resourceful economic growth.


Environmental Stewardship:

Go “greener” than recycling. It takes less resources to refurbish technology than to manufacture new technology. By reselling or donating your old equipment with IT Liquidators, you can decrease your carbon footprint, reduce waste, and help prevent the circulation of more harmful e-waste materials.

The Benefits of Reselling before Recycling

Resell or Donate Venn Diagram

Corporate Citizenship:

Reinvest in your community by reselling or donating. IT Liquidators can help you donate your old IT equipment to the charity or organization of your choice. We will refurbish, upgrade and test all technology to be donated to ensure that your chosen charity will get the best performance from the donated systems.

Find out how your company can sell your decommissioned technology today!

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About IT Liquidators – Managed IT Asset Recovery Solutions

IT Liquidators helps your company effectively manage your excess information technology equipment with our managed IT asset recovery solutions. We offer hassle-free set services that take care of your end-of-life technology, from beginning to end. We will purchase your excess corporate technology, deinstall and transport the decommissioned IT equipment, and ethically recycle all IT equipment that can no longer be used. Over the past 5 years, the focus of technology disposition has shifted from recycling to a focus on resale or reuse as a greener, more cost-effective alternative. We are a leader in this field. We have been in business since 2004 with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and have helped companies nation-wide sell excess networking equipment, telecom equipment, and other corporate technology.

Technology Disposition Services:

IT Liquidators helps you manage your company’s retiring, end-of-life technology by offering a comprehensive managed IT asset recovery solution. With our disposition services, we will streamline the retirement of your company’s old IT equipment. We provide your company with a free valuation of your excess technology, transportation and removal of all your unwanted hardware – including low or no-value IT equipment – and payment in full on the spot. With IT Liquidators’ disposition services, decommissioning your networking or telecom hardware has never been easier!

Technology Recycling:

Our IT equipment recycling program ensures that all your excess corporate technology with no resale value will be safely and ethically recycled using certified recyclers. We recycle all IT hardware – from servers to networking switches – according to internationally recognized recycling policies and procedures. Our recycling guidelines guarantee that your technology will be recycled to standards that exceed EPA regulations, and that fulfill all federal, state and local requirements. With IT Liquidators, you can rest assured that all your old corporate IT equipment (networking and telecom hardware, servers, PC’s, laptops, phones systems, and more) has been recycled legally and responsibly. As a corporate citizen, we are committed to environmental stewardship and sustainability in everything we do.

IT Asset Recovery Solutions:

Our IT asset recovery solutions will help your company recover the most value from your excess technology while securing your data and eliminating corporate liability. We will offer you the highest purchase price in the marketplace for your excess technology. Once purchased, our certified data destruction policies ensure that all hard drives are wiped according to strict data security protocols used by organizations like the United States Department of Defense and HIPPA.